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Fire prevention and protection are other critical components of Sinar Mas Forestry in its efforts to protect Indonesia forest, as well as the conservation areas and pulpwood plantations. 

Sinar Mas Forestry has developed the forest fire control manual and implemented a strict "No Burn Policy" since 1996 and also has made significant investments to prevent forest fire.  Sinar Mas Forestry understands that the key to decrease the number of forest fires is to take an aggressive prevention action as well as quick response to fight fires when it occurs.

The front line in Sinar Mas Forestry forest fire prevention program consists of more than 750 trained fire fighters. The fire brigade's marshals receive additional intensive training from various sources including the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry, the Indonesian Ministry of Environment, and the Australian Rural Fire Service in 2000 and again in 2005. This team uses the latest satellite data provided by Singapore's National Environmental Agency to plot 'hotspots' twice every day to be able to give the quick respond to fires and report progress through a centralized system. Fire detection is also performed by lookouts in 23,025 meter-tall towers equipped with telescopes for detecting smoke and radio communications equipment for immediate reporting.

With support from Asia Pulp & Paper, Sinar Mas Forestry also allocated several fire suppression helicopters to patrol around its plantation forests. With this air patrol, fire fighter force is able to detect potential of forest fire and respond quickly, and allows the team to easily access hard-to-reach areas. In addition, Sinar Mas Forestry also equips each fiber source area with Fire Danger Index, Pro-active fire patrols and one force marshal per district area.

Despite all the initiatives taken by Sinar Mas Forestry, we still realize that the individuals in the local communities play an important role in preventing forest fires. Through its 'Community Fire Fighters' program, Sinar Mas Forestry actively supports the development of village-based fire management programs by providing community training and educating local villagers to stop using slash and burn tactics for land clearing. Through a series of trainings and campaigns, these communities acquire basic knowledge to be able to prevent forest fires and actively support suppression activities when fires occur.